presented by Bearded Villains of Virginia.

Earlier in the year around May I was contacted by the Captain of the Bearded Villains the Virginia Chapter. At first, I thought he bare witness to my most Epic Beard or had found me on Instagram and wanted me to join the organization. I decided to meet with Mr. Crash to see how I could be of service. After an hour conversation, Epic Beard Photography became their event photographer for their Beard and Stash competition on November 2nd, 2019 at the Bunker Brew House. The Bunker Brew House is located at the heart of the Virginia Beach Ocean front. The event Beards Away was to raise money for a local non-profit organization. Throughout the last couple of months, we met at the Bunker Brew House to go over details about the event and what the expectations of me in capturing the Epic night were.

The day of the event is now upon us. Not knowing what to expect as I walked up to the Bunker, I see some of the bearded individuals outside drinking their beer, having a smoke and sharing stories of life. They looked at me and I looked at them back and realized that I was a little out of my element as their beards were a tad more Epic than mine. I get inside and get my station set up for head shots for each contestant and get my business cards and flyers out. Then I strap the camera on check the settings and off to the races I go capturing candid photos with a photojournalistic feel. Everyone there was great, the different conversations amongst everyone you would have thought they haven’t seen each other in years with laughter all around. In the back of the room tattoo artist from Alliance Tattoo (Jason and Mike) set up shop to knock out Bearded Villain tattoos. There was a large table full of raffle prizes to help raise more money for the non-profit the event was supporting.

The non-profit organization the beard competition was raising money for was the VetsHouse in Virginia Beach Virginia run by Mr. Smith a Navy Veteran himself. Mr. Smith is a Vietnam Veteran with such a caring heart for his fellow service brothers and sisters that he has devoted his time, and money. He believes in helping his fellow veterans that are homeless by giving them a hand up and not a handout. The Beards away competition raised over $6,000 for the VetsHouse. For more information on VetsHouse go to and you can also leave a donation on their site too.

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