SHOUT! Cheer and Dance

Thank you for the opportunity to come out the Virginia Beach Field House to photograph your SHOUT! Cheer and Dance Surf’s Up Grand National Championship on Saturday May 7, 2022. As a local photographer here in Virginia Beach it’s always great to come out and photograph different events especially sporting events. Many moons ago I was an athlete and nothing is more exciting then photographing athletes battling it out to be number 1.

The Shout! Cheer and Dance competition was nothing short of amazing as these young lady athletes gave their all on the mat to take home the prize. From my understanding all the teams except 1 were from New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, and Connecticut. (I apologize if I miss any of the travelers). Virginia Beach had one team show up and represent for the Hampton Roads area with Coastal Athletic Training. The best part of the competition day was all the teams being supportive of one another, as a result made it a great day. With all the parents cheering all the kids on.

Here are just a few highlight images from Saturday’s SHOUT! Cheer and Dance competition. If you would like to see more images from the Surf’s Up Grand National Championship click here!

Highlight reel of the SHOUT! Dance and Cheer Surf’s Up Grand National Championship held at the Virginia Beach Field House on May 7, 2022. You can check out my other videos here.