The Hepcat Honeys

These ladies are the Hepcat Honeys. The term Hepcat originated in 1937, and was used to describe a person that was up with the times. A Hepcat was knowledgeable about all things that were hep, or now known as an influencer. These people were up to speed on all the newest trends like music and fashion. Honey is used as a term of endearment for well loved people in ones life.

These ladies have picked these particular names because they truly embodies them and their group. The ladies find it to be there job to embrace and share the vintage culture they love so much. Also the ladies want to educate others about different eras by representing the fashion of the period. So at the next event you go here locally and see the Hepcat Honeys they are there to help raise money for local organizations and to bring the 1930’s-1950’s fashion and lifestyle to you.